Engineering Design

AXISCADES Engineering Technologies Ltd


As one of India's leading  Technology Solutions Provider, AXISCADES caters to the needs of Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Engineering, Automotive and Industrial Production sectors. The company is present with subsidiaries all over the world and the partneship with 3P Professionals focuses on the DACH region.

Project Management Seminars / Board Simulations

GetoqTraining and Media GmbH |


The company is specialized in designing means for professional development, so that complicated and complex processes become comprehensible. As a licensed partner we offer two of their products, projactivity and Getting Started, both are haptic project management simulations.  Besides we cooperate in designing complex Training Programs for our customers.

Data Migration and Document Management

HAVI Solutions GmbH & Co. KG


A specialist in the provision of services for all aspects relating to data migration, data quality and document management. HAVI manages documents and information as well as organizes and archives company data. In order to  support people with disabilities, HAVI became the center of excellence for accessible information technology.

IT and Management Board Simulations

Play To Growth SL


A developer of haptic IT and Management Board Simulations. Their simulations are based on the following principles: "Knowledge comes playing" and "A playful attitude is the best way to enhance learning and professional growth". 3P Professional is a licensed partner to train and distribute their Project Management Board Simulation "Possible Mission: Escape from Earth", which is available as agile and classic edition, in Germany and Switzerland.