Combining Project and Change Management

Project management and change management are complementary disciplines: the weakness of one area is the strength of the other and vice versa. Therefore, the achievement of business value can be augmented by combining both disciplines: projects / programs are the vehicle of change. Across the whole spectrum of changes, from smaller transitions to large business transformations, project / program success needs to be connected to people. Change management enables project / program success by giving stricter consideration to human, political and organizational change factors, facilitating the adoption of change within the organization leading to benefits realization.


We go beyond delivery to create value by combining project management and change management. 

Service Portfolio


Our consulting services comprise a broad spectrum of activities while focusing on elevating the organizational maturity in project and change management, delivering project outputs and new capabilities successfully, and realizing benefits as well as achieving corporate objectives. 

Training and Coaching

We offer standard training packages as well as tailored solutions that address existing organizational policies and management frameworks. The training formats are haptic simulations (e.g. projactivity), which have a high learning retention rate, and classroom training. Our coaching is targeted at employees that are currently assigned to projects and/or change initiatives, because practicing (learning-by-doing) is key for improving on a personal level.

Interim Management

We provide temporary project and change management resources and skills in a period of transition, crisis, recovery or change within an organization. Typical roles we cover are PMO or CMO Lead, Head of Project Management, Program Manager, Portfolio Manager, Project Director, Director Change Management, Change Manager, and Change Agent.


Portfolio Management

Project Management

Strategic Alignment

  • Risk Management
  • Reporting: Dashboards, KPIs,
  • Data Analysis
  • Audits /Health Checks
  • Resource Management
  • PMOs
  • Program Managmement
  • Governance

Change Management

  • Stakeholder Management
  • CMOs
  • Resistance Management
  • Agile Organization
  • Communications Planning
  • Sponsorship Model
  • Change Adoption
  • Resilience

Business Transformation

Benefits Realization

  • Methodologies / Frameworks
  • Recovery Management
  • Process Management
  • Career Path Development
  • Maturity Models